Wood Fences

If you’re a busy contractor or a do-it-yourself homeowner looking to build your own fence, you likely know that wood is one of the easiest materials to build a fence with. The natural beauty of a genuine wood fence is timeless. From stately wooden picket fences to simple split rail styles, installing a wood fence is as versatile a construction material as it is sturdy. Frederick Fence provides wood fence supplies to homeowners and contractors throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia.

With solid wood, you have multiple options for wood fence installation, including board on board, wood privacy fencing, paddock and stockade style fencing. You can also add intricate latticework to the top of your wooden picket fence or a custom top with a unique geometrical pattern for added height. Allow our expert designers to help you create a style different from all the rest. Our supplies for installing wooden fences include: western red cedar, pressure-treated southern yellow pine, oak and black locust wood fence panels.

Frederick Fence backs all of our premium quality, low-maintenance wood with a full one-year warranty.

Wood Fence Material Styles

Wood Picket Fence

Choose from a range of picket top styles when creating the classic picket fence for your home. Wood picket fence panels are made with 1×4” or 1×6” western red cedar or pressure-treated southern yellow pine pickets and double nailed to 2×4” runners.

Wood Privacy Fence

A wood privacy fence can be constructed as stockade style, board on board, or board on batten. It can be further customized with a decorative latticework to extend the height of the fence.

Wood Board Fence

Wood board fencing is a slight variation to the stockade style, where the boards are alternated on either side of the fence rail, creating a small gap between the boards when seen from an angle. These wood fencing panels create a slightly more open feel, allowing in light and air.

Wood Split Rail Fence

An affordable way to fence your property, split rail fences are also easy to install in nearly any location. If the open look and feel of split rail wooden fencing is a must, but you require added security, you can add welded wire to your fence, in galvanized, white, green, or black.

If you’re ready to create a cost-effective and yet sophisticated border for your property, our knowledgeable staff can walk you through selecting your wood fence products or quote you an installation price.

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