Know your Fencing Options for Dog Fences

December 30, 2015 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Modern technology has brought around electric and invisible fencing for dogs for our furry friends, but receive a lot of criticism—and for good reason. Dog fence installation may be simple, but using pain as the main method of containment, electric and invisible fencing for dogs can cause behavioral problems and fear of leaving your property, even when you want to take them on a

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4 Types of Fencing that are Safer than an Electric Dog Fence

May 28, 2015 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

If you are one of the fortunate people who has a dog in your life, you know they are family and why it’s important to find the best dog fences. I never look at dogs as something you own, I look at them as a welcome addition to any family as they provide so much joy and love in your life.

At Frederick Fence, a majority of our clients buy the best dog fences to keep their dogs safe inside their property, as we all know that sometimes a dog’s curiosity may cause them to wander off if there’s no pet safe fencing. When we learn that a homeowner is considering an electric dog fence as one of their options, we always tell our clients to take that option out of the picture and find the best pet safe fencing available, as electric dog fences are just not worth the money and effort when it comes to protecting your four-legged friends.

Invisible fences for dogs work by delivering a warning sound followed by an electric shock from a dog’s collar when they attempt to cross the perimeter you establish. Folks like them because they are relatively inexpensive. However, I do not recommend them at all as they often do more harm than standard dog safe fencing. Read more…


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