Own A Farm? Learn About The 3 Best Fencing Options For Containing Livestock

June 10, 2016 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum


Choosing the right type of fencing will keep your livestock safe and contained.

Our friendly hooved friends come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing types of fences, including the right livestock fencing it’s important to consider the best option that caters to the type of animal you’re trying to contain. These rural fencing options will keep your prized livestock safe and comfortable! Going to the Maryland State Fair this year? You’re going to want your beautiful bovines in peak condition! When animals escape from poor quality livestock fencing, they risk injuring themselves. Don’t get caught showcasing your best thoroughbred with scrapes and bruises! Taking care of your farm life is important with high quality rural fencing options. They depend on you for survival and their well-being is your responsibility. To keep a stampeding mass exodus  from occurring, let’s explore the best rural fencing options for containing your livestock.

1: Paddock Livestock Fencing

The most traditional types of fences used for horses, you’ve probably seen these wooden posts and beams surrounding silos and barns in rural Maryland. Paddock fences are made from 3-5 horizontal flat boards made of yellow pine or cedar. With pressure treated posts, your paddock fence will last longer with little maintenance. Ideal for horses, who need to see fencing so they don’t collide with it, paddock fencing is your best option. Wood fencing and board fencing options are ideal for your horse’s sight lines.

2: Bring The Cows Home

Cattle fencing needs to be at least 54 inches tall. These massive creatures can do some major damage to themselves and your investments if the incorrect fence is installed. High-tensile wire fencing with treated wood posts are key to bovine containment. A split rail fence with added wire-mesh will bring the cows home and keep them there.

 3: Panel Rural Fencing Options

If you’ve got a group of hogs on your farm, these types of fences are one of the best fencing options for keeping them contained. These types of livestock fencing have strong wooden posts with heavy-gauge wire panels. If your pigs are getting rowdy, the sturdy wood support keeps your fence from collapsing. Relatively short, you won’t need to spend added money on a larger fence because pigs are considered small livestock. This fence can be used to contain goats as well as dogs. Fence Co also knows how to get you ready for Winter Fence Installation here!

Count on Frederick Fence for All of Your Fence Needs

If you’re in the market for a fence this summer, contact us today and we’ll send out one of our expert fence consultants to show you how the best livestock fencing can be the solution to your neighbors complaining about your escaped horse again. At Frederick Fence ,  we’ll help you decide on the best fencing material for your hooved companions. 

Use our online chat feature by clicking on the Live Chat button on the left of this page and someone will answer your questions during normal business hours.  If you want to see some great samples of livestock fencing materials so you can build your own fence, stop by our showroom on Tilco Drive in Frederick, Maryland.

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