Temporary Fencing

When a site requires temporary, cost-effective protection, either due to safety or security concerns, Frederick Fence can install a high-quality chain link fence that will meet the demands of your location and stay within your budget. Frederick Fence installs temporary fencing throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia, including Potomac, Glen Burnie, and Herndon. With a temporary barrier fence, you benefit from having a secure perimeter in place that protects your assets.

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At Frederick Fence, we don’t cut corners on materials or installation of our temporary chain link fences.  We drill fence posts into the ground, which makes your temporary site fencing more secure and more permanent while you complete the efforts to either build or restore your property.

When to Use Temporary Site Fencing

When safety and security concerns require isolation of a work site or property from the public temporary fences are a highly economical solution for both companies and individuals. Temporary site fencing is ideal when you are dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, such as a fire or flood, or for when you might undergo remodeling efforts on your property and need to cordon off space for equipment storage or cleanup efforts. Instead of a permanent fencing solution, a temporary fence can help a company or organization provide the necessary boundary to keep people safe from harm or keep vandals and thieves away from valuable equipment.

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For construction sites, temporary building site fencing helps to keep the general public safe from harm, while also protecting the property’s resources, such as equipment, building supplies and administrative space from thieves or vandals.

Temporary fencing for sale can be used for entertainment providers. Temporary fences are often the most economical solution for special events, such as an outdoor concert, festival or fairs.  Temporary fences create a strong perimeter that can ensure only paying customers enter the area, while also offering a great method for crowd control as you can section off parts of your area and confine the public only to just certain areas. Check out our Best Dog Fences here!

Need to Install a Temporary Fence?

If you have a need to create a temporary fence for your property, our staff can work with you to design a highly economical temporary fence solution to meet your needs and your budget—particularly if you have both safety and security concerns.  Contact us for temporary fencing for sale or call one of our commercial specialists at 301-663-4000.