Split Rail Fences

Split rails fences are cost effective and provide a more open view than other types of fencing installations. Easy to construct almost anywhere, even on hard or rocky ground, split rail fences can include wire mesh for added security that is transparent enough to keep an open look and feel on your property. Frederick Fence installs split rail fences throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia, including Baltimore, Damascus, and Purcellville.

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Split Rail Fence Installation

Each split rail fence Frederick Fence constructs is guaranteed with an 18-month workmanship warranty. We stand behind our work in offering you the best fence to build a border for your property.


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Depending upon your security and style preferences, you can build a split rail fence with two to four rails—long pieces of wood, usually split lengthwise—which get inserted into holes within the fence posts and are often held in place by their own weight.  Rails are usually 11 feet long and can be round, half-round or even square or diamond-shaped.

We offer split rail fence installation in 3 different heights, although custom fence specifications can be made to order:

  • 2-rail – 36” tall
  • 3-rail – 48” tall
  • 4-rail – 60” tall

We use pressure treated southern yellow pine, treated to .40 retention and for ground contact, meaning that the treatment applied gets absorbed deep into the wood, offering you the best protection for your materials. We offer a 20-year warranty on our pressure treated split rail fence materials. Read more here about Split Rail Fence Materials That Last!

A split rail gate is constructed out of the same material used to build a split rail fence. Rough cut rails and frame are used and single nailed in order to be graded if necessary. These gates come in 3.5’, 4’, and 5’ widths, but can also be made to order. With split rail gates, a loop latch and screw & eye hook hinge set are standard.

Adding Wire to Your Split Rail Fence

Often time welded wire (or utility wire) is added in order to keep a pet in or make a split rail fence meet pool code. This utility wire mesh comes in galvanized, white, green, or black. The size of the rectangular openings on the wire is either 1”x2” or 2”x4”.


Image Credit: ©2014 Frederick Fence Co. All rights reserved.


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