Picket Fences

The classic style of picket fence, symbolic of the American dream of home ownership, is also among the most economical ways to fence in your property. Frederick Fence offers picket fence installation throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia, including Gaithersburg, Catonsville, and Sterling.

Picket fences are built out of closely spaced solid vertical boards or pickets that are attached to horizontal rails (or runners), and are held in place through posts that provide stability and attachment points for the fence rails. Our picket fence options generally come in two sizes, either 1” X 4” or 1”X 6” pieces, along with the runners and gate panels and ornamental hardware for creating the perfect entrance onto your property while also offering a modicum of security for keeping your children and pets inside the yard.

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Picket Fence Installation

All picket fence options are built the same way, using 1” X 4” or 1”X 6” western red cedar or pressure-treated southern yellow pine, double nailed to 2”x4” runners, which are Teco-clipped to 4”x4” posts set in dry pack concrete. Standard picket space is approximately 1 ¾”.


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Standard picket fencing heights are 48”, 60” and 72” tall. The 4’ tall has 2 runners & 5’ & 6’ tall comes with 3 runners. When using all treated lumber – the posts, pickets, and runners are all treated pine. When using cedar for your picket fence installation, pickets and runners are cedar and posts will be cedar tone pressure treated pine.

Picket fence installation is constructed using western red cedar with 2”x4” cedar runners and typically 1” X 4” pickets, and an arch is cut into the gate. With Picket gates, 8” t-hinges and a gravity latch are standard.

If you want a picket fence that will last a lifetime, we recommend a vinyl picket fence, which is highly durable and maintenance free, other than the occasional watering down with a hose.


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Picket Fence Tops

One of the reasons why picket fences are so popular is because homeowners can design the picket tops for a custom look that can add great curb appeal to the property.  You can choose from a variety of styles and patterns and design the perfect fence that becomes both functional and attractive with a beautiful picket fence top.

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Frederick Fence backs all of our premium quality, low-maintenance wood with a full one-year warranty. If you’re looking for a Woodgrain Vinyl Fence, check it out here!

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