Board on Board Fencing

A board on board fence provides stability, security, affordability and privacy. It creates a defined space between homes, and, since board on board fences look the same on either side of the fence, you get great visual appeal. Frederick Fence offers board on board fencing installation throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia, including Baltimore, Germantown, and Westminster.

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What is Board on Board Fence?

Board on board fencing is constructed with an overlapping pattern of vertical slats where every other board is attached to an opposite side of the fence rails, creating a light break in the fence to where you get an extremely slight view of what’s on the other side, but only if you stand at an angle.  Another name for Board on Board fence is Shadowbox fence.


Board on Board Fencing – Sturdy and Secure

What makes this fence so strong and durable is the fact that Frederick Fence uses pressure-treated posts that are set in the ground at least 36 inches and filled with concrete, meaning the posts won’t give and will stay in place and survive the harshest of weather patterns.  For added privacy and a bit more noise reduction, you can even add decorative lattice work to the top of your fence, which also offers you even more visual appeal than the natural beauty of the wood we use.

If security is important to you, a board on board fence with a locked gate affords you the security you need. With board on board fence construction, your family members and pets can enjoy their time in the yard without having to worry about your little two legged and four legged loved ones roving off and strangers wandering into your yard.


Board on Board Fencing Materials

Wood Board on Board Fence

Frederick Fence offers board on board fence installation in vinyl or wood. When building a board on board fence with wood, you can choose from the following types for your fence boards.

  • Western red cedar
  • Pressure-treated southern yellow pine
  • Oak
  • Black locust

Frederick Fence backs all of our premium quality, low-maintenance wood fencing with a full one-year warranty.


Vinyl Board on Board Fence

If you love the style of a board on board fence and want to make an investment in a fence that will last for generations, you can also choose to build a vinyl board on board fence.  If your goal is to own the perfect fence that provides a lifetime of safety, virtually no maintenance and an elegant look to your property, look no further than a vinyl fence. Vinyl fence boards are made of highly durable materials to where it will never fade. Other than the occasional use of a garden hose to keep it clean, board on board vinyl fencing is truly maintenance free and never fades or warps.

Board on board fencing is also highly economical when compared to fences made from other materials such as chain link fences or aluminum fences.

Want privacy, security and a strong fence that meets your home improvement budget?  Contact us today or call us at 301 663-4000 and we’ll send out one of our consultants who will be happy to discuss how a board on board fence design solution may be the right one for you! For more Front Fence Ideas, check us out here.

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