Happy Fourth of July!

July 3, 2019 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Written by Laura Barnsley

You have probably heard us say before that Frederick Fence Company is all about families! In honor of this value that we hold so dear, the business will be closed on the Fourth of July so that everyone can spend some quality time with family and friends!

Did you know?

We all celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, but the vote that started the push for independence took place two days before on the 2nd. July 4th was the day that congress signed and adopted the Declaration of Independence. This was very much to the disapproval of John Adams, who lived the rest of his life believing that the 2nd was the day that should be celebrated.

Are you the type that loves to seek out the best fireworks in the area, or do you prefer to stay home and cookout in the backyard? I think you will find that many here at Frederick Fence Co prefer the latter. Grilling, games, bonfires, and swimming are all so much fun! Since the backyard is the hub of all great Fourth of July celebrations, your fence can make a great deal of difference to the atmosphere of the party. Take a look at the condition of your residential fence and see if it might need some work before it can look its best for your upcoming cookout! The Frederick Fence team is always here! Our number is 301-663-4000.

Did you know?

4th of July celebrations started out as being mock funerals for King George III, whom the colonists were no longer loyal to thanks to the signing of the Declaration. Before the revolution, the King’s birthday was celebrated in very much the same way as Independence Day.

If you do not have plans to host a cookout and need some suggestions of where to go to get good food and a good view of some fireworks, here are a couple of ideas on how to spend your Fourth of July if you live in or around where we are located!

The fireworks display at the Mount Airy Carnival grounds is a well looked forward to tradition for many families in the Mount Airy/Frederick area. It is a great place to get together and tailgate while spending time together and waiting for the fireworks to begin. It takes place on July 3rd this year, so this is something fun that you can add to your agenda without interfering with your plans for the 4th.

If you are close enough to Frederick, you will definitely want to check out the Independence Day celebration going on in Baker Park. The celebration features music and other entertainment, activities for kids, food, and of course fireworks. The party starts at noon so there will be plenty of time for you and your family to see it all before the fireworks show at dusk. Parking in garages and at meters in the area will be free as well so go out early and get a good spot while they last!

Did you know?

The Liberty Bell, which has long served as a symbol of liberty and freedom in America, was cast in London? It is ironic that it should serve as a sign of independence from Britain when it was created there.

If your family already has some traditions in place that you look forward to every year we would love to hear about them! Please share all of your Fourth of July happenings below!

Happy Independence Day and have a great summer!

Come on in, the Water’s Fine! But How’s the Fence?

June 26, 2019 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Written by Laura Barnsley

The team here at Frederick Fence is so excited to have already installed many amazing fences this season, one of our busiest ever! This is one of the best times for fencing! It is also the best time for cook-outs, ice cream, camp fires, and especially swimming! Is anyone else saying “yay summer!”? if you have been working hard like we have, don’t forget to take a break and hit the pool every once in a while! You deserve it!

Have you considered that we are not the only ones who love to beat the heat with a dip in the pool? Animals of all kinds would love to climb in and cool off if given the chance. If you have a pool in your backyard, we suggest taking a good look at the condition of your surrounding fence to make sure it can keep all kinds of critters safe and away from the water.

One other (most important) thing to be considered is the safety of our children. We all know how much kids love the pool, but they don’t always realize the danger that is associated with it. Having a fence that is designated for just the pool area instead of the whole yard will keep your children safe away from the pool when they are outside having a good time this summer. Also, consider the height and material of the fence. Can your children climb it, crawl under it, or through it? If so, then it might need to be repaired, altered, or replaced without delay before opening the pool. One last thing to make sure of is the integrity of your pool GATE. Ensure that it is in good condition and that the latch safe and secure. Also, making sure there is a lock on the gate is key to making sure your children come and go with your supervision.

There are a few different pool fencing options to consider when you are looking for something to keep your whole family safe this summer. Among them are wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link.


Wood fencing is traditional and beautiful. It comes in many different styles and materials to choose from. A wood privacy fence is one of the best pool fencing options to consider in order to keep critters of all sizes out of the pool area because they have very little to no space between boards. Picket wood fences are also a good option and there is flexibility when it comes to height, shape, and size. It can be designed to best suit your individual needs.


Anything from privacy style to picket style fencing in vinyl would make a sophisticated addition to your pool area. It is similar to wood fencing in that it is completely customizable. It is easy to work with our team of experts to come up with a design that works best for you and your space.  One amazing thing about Vinyl is that once it is up, it is there to stay, and stay beautiful. If you are looking for something that is long lasting, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, vinyl is the fence for you.

Chain Link

Chain link is a wonderfully safe fencing option. Like many others, you can customize the height, color, and size of the mesh to meet your needs. You can also customize the coating on the fence to meet your durability desires.


Aluminum fencing is a very classic and eye pleasing option to have surrounding your pool. It is the most popular pool fence on the market because of how beautiful and durable it is. Like vinyl, an aluminum pool fence is long lasting and requires just about 0 maintenance after installation. Although it is not as effective when trying to keep critters out, it will definitely provide safety for your little ones and larger animals.

There is no doubt a lot to consider when choosing your perfect pool fence. Don’t worry, the Frederick Fence team is happy to assist you in your decision making! Give us a call at 301-663-4000, make an appointment, or just come in and see us and all of the options we have to choose from in our beautiful showroom!

If the fence you have needs any maintenance, you can call and get an estimate on a repair. If your current fence was installed by Frederick Fence Company, you can talk to us about possible solutions that are covered under warranty. Whatever you need, we are here to help!

We hope you enjoy your summer!

Father’s Day

June 13, 2019 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Written by Laura Barnsley

We appreciate and value each one of the men and women who work here at Frederick Fence and the vital roles they play in the running of the company, but at the top of our appreciation list this week are the dads of our team! Over half of the men here at Frederick Fence are fathers who work extremely hard for the company and also shoulder the responsibility of raising children and providing for a family. We are so thankful for our dads! Here are just a few of those dads along with some of their kiddos too!

Our welder, Andrew, and two of his children.

One of our salesmen, Perry with Kelly and their two boys.

Our salesman Justin, with his son.

Our salesman, Alan and his 4 kids.

Our Sales Manager, Bill and his daughter.

Longtime employee, Jon “JC” Wisner and his 2 girls.

Our Salesman, Luther and his 2 daughters.

Speaking of Frederick Fence fathers, there is one specific father who stands out in particular. He is the one who started not only the company, but the family who runs it to this day, Charlie Powers. His three children (Kelly, Erin and Todd) would say that what makes him so special is the way he loves God and loves people. Charlie has always prioritized making personal connections with those he meets and serves through the company every day. Working hard his whole life to ensure the company’s success has always just been a way to make sure his family is provided for and also a constant opportunity to flesh out his personal values to whoever he meets. Probably the most important thing he has passed on to his children is the way he has relied on God’s provision and protection of his family and the company. Through tough times and good times Charlie has strived to teach his children to maintain the proper perspective that God has a plan, and His will is greater than ours.

Charlie and his daughter Kelly

From Charlie’s perspective, there is just no describing how much he enjoys being a father and a grandfather. He would call it his proudest accomplishment and greatest blessing in life. Watching his children grow and slowly take over the company has been one of the most exciting things for Charlie to see happen. He is sure that the three of them (Erin, Todd, and Kelly) are taking Frederick Fence Company to great new heights. Charlie plans to continue to watch proudly as maybe even a third generation rises to take over the company someday.

It is easy to see that Charlie values relationships and family above everything else. Sundays are strictly set aside for church and family dinners, where everyone gets the chance to enjoy spending time together and grow deeper as a family. It is also clear that this priority has benefited all areas of his life and is behind the reason that the Frederick Fence team puts families first, their own as well as those of their customers. We are so thankful for this aspect of Charlie’s leadership of the company.

Charlie and his grandchildren

Today, Charlie is still a greatly valued leader and team member of the company. He brings the most experience out of anyone, ready to help in whatever way he can. He also brings a loving smile and caring heart to the office where he is eager to make and grow connections with staff members and clients.

We hope that you can take some time this week to honor the fathers in your life and let them know how much you love and appreciate them. And if you are a father, know that what you do is always appreciated by someone around you. Happy Father’s Day from Frederick Fence!

Mothers Day

May 10, 2019 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Written by Laura Barnsley

Spring is upon us and we are thrilled to be heading into what looks like will be another exciting busy season here at Frederick Fence, but before everything gets too crazy in the coming spring and summer months, we have the joy of Mother’s Day to celebrate. Mother’s Day is a great time especially for us to reflect on how each of the families here at our residential and commercial fencing company have grown in the last year.

Diane Powers, wife of Charlie and mother of Erin, Todd, and Kelly is enjoying watching as her family continues to grow and expand. Now that all have become spouses, and two are parents, Diane is in awe at the way her children are taking on all kinds of new roles so well. Family dinner on Sundays is always a great time for the family to bond and for the grandchildren to grow their friendships with each other.

The wedding celebration of Todd and Laura back in August of 2018 was a very special time for the family to celebrate each of its members and welcome new members as well.

Matt and Erin can hardly believe how fast their four children are growing right before their eyes. Isaac is nine, Eli is six, Iris is four, and Arlo is two. As the mother of these four, Erin is excited to watch as each of her children grows and develops his/her own special gifts and talents.

The Burke family is excited to celebrate the second birthday of their youngest son, Arlo, this month. Having gone through rather a hard time dealing with medical issues when he was born, it is especially meaningful to be able to celebrate the gift that he is to the family. 

Although this marks the end of almost ten years of having at least one baby in the family, the Burke’s are thrilled to be able to celebrate each milestone the years to come will bring.

The Orman family’s two boys, Asher and Finn, are loving learning new things and experiencing all that life has to offer them. Asher (3) has just started his first year of playing soccer. Mom and dad are always cheering him on from the sidelines and Finn would love nothing more than to get out there and play alongside his big brother/best friend.

Being the mom of two such adventurous and energetic little boys can be nothing short of crazy sometimes, but Kelly would not trade it for anything. She can hardly put into words how much fun this life of being Asher and Finn’s mom is.

Perry and Kelly love the idea of adding new members to their little family and are excited to be considering adoption as a way to expand. The whole family will soon be moving into the dream home they have been working so hard to build for the past nine months. They are eagerly anticipating being able to experience more fun as a family in the great outdoors.

Another special mother to the Frederick Fence company is Roxanne Henline, who is celebrating the bittersweet fact that her two girls and son are adults now, some even with children of their own. This mom really enjoys how she is able to serve her children by supporting them, giving them unconditional love, and being there when they need her.

Roxanne has had the chance to show that support and love especially this past year as there have been some big changes as well as tough times for them as a family. She is happy to say that they have come through it stronger together, and continues to look forward to what the next year has to offer.

We would love for you to leave a comment below telling us about your family or a special mother in your life. If you are a mom yourself, like so many here at Frederick Fence, tell us what you love about doing one of the most important jobs there is.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Season’s Greetings from Frederick Fence!

December 24, 2018 ~ Posted By Jim Jenkins

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time for all of us at Frederick Fence to wish you— our customers, family and friends—the very best for a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy new year!

2018 was a banner year for us thanks to our many customers who became part of our Frederick Fence family. We also got the opportunity to help out some of our former family members who either purchased new homes, replaced old fences or had a fence repair. Needless to say, we are humbled that there are many of you out there who consider us the best company when it comes to meeting your fencing needs. We appreciate each and every one of you as you help us take great care of our amazing staff and allow them to all enjoy their lives with their families and friends.

When Charlie Powers first started our company in 1982, we had no idea that we would be here today with our same company name, mission and vision. Thanks to him, our incredible staff and all of you, we’re still here and we’re gearing up for what we hope will be a prosperous 2019.

We’re extremely proud to be part of the thriving Frederick area—we think it’s the best place to live, work, relax and do business! For many of us, Frederick has always been home and we’re thankful that others wish to live here and celebrate its local charm and community feel.

We’re busy making some changes for 2019—so you can expect some announcements early in the new year regarding our company and our website. We hope you’ll like what you see! Most of all, we hope that you’ll continue to visit our site, check out our blog for some tips and tricks on commercial and residential fences, and see what the next generation of Frederick Fence is up to in the months ahead.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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Wood Fences and When to Replace Them

November 20, 2018 ~ Posted By Jim Jenkins

Wood fence remains one of the most popular fence materials home and business owners use to surround their property; however, they do have a limited life span compared to other materials such as vinyl, aluminum or wrought iron. Chances are if you’ve purchased an older home with a wood fence around it, you may notice more signs of aging on your fence than the indoors as many home sellers tend to concentrate on renovating the indoors for resale. Sometimes you can repair a wood fence when a board or two tends to warp or if a post gets damaged during severe weather conditions such as a wind storm or heavy snow. And then there’s that point at which you just need to recognize that you may need to replace either an entire section or the complete fence.

Common Problems for Wood Fence Owners

When entire sections of your fence have faded or begin to warp, it could be time for a new fence

Since wood fence comes from nature, it’s subject to nature’s laws and does not last forever, no matter how much care you put into maintaining your fence. Yes, you can seal and stain it (and we recommend you do that to prolong its life), but over time the elements can take their toll on the fence itself. In the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia area, we’ve seen harsher winters, wetter springs and summers and chillier falls (which makes it seem as if we’ve traded places with the north west pacific areas like Seattle and Portland!) and all that constant moisture lessens the durability of a wood fence over time. Combine that with insects and short but radical shifts in temperature, and your fence is more likely to warp, splinter, bow or become discolored.

Not all wood sources are created equal; some wood fence materials tend to deteriorate more quickly. Frederick Fence customers benefit from wood fences that can last several decades as we use a higher grade of wood such as western red cedar, pressure-treated southern yellow pine, oak and black locust. One of the best things you can do before investing in a wood fence is research the type of wood used to make it. For example, you should refrain from ever building a fence with red oak as it’s considered an inferior wood and is highly unsuitable for fence posts.

Signs It’s Time for a New Wood Fence

When you notice that several sections of fence are leaning, you can often strengthen the fence again with new wood posts. But when the sections are simply falling down, then it might be time to consider a new fence. Once you reach that stage where pickets and boards are falling off or missing, a new fence often outweighs the cost of frequent repairs.
If your fence is more than eighteen years old and begins showing signs of rapid decline, you may also wish to consider replacing the fence. Once a fence approaches its second decade, chances are nature has run its course and it may be time to say goodbye. A good rule of thumb is that if you have to replace more than 20 to 25% of your fence’s panels or pickets, you’re better off having the entire fence removed and either replacing it with a new wood one or a more durable material like vinyl.

When weather takes it toll and entire sections of a fence collapse, it’s definitely time to consider replacing your wooden fence.

Still, some home owners prefer the rustic and natural look that a fence offers. They are indeed gorgeous works of art when carefully constructed and beautifully maintained. If you happen to live in an area where you have a choice of materials, wood can be a great option. Many newer home communities tend to favor a mixture of vinyl or aluminum and both offer major advantages over wood fence. But if your heart is set on that natural look and feel or if your budget is not ready to fence in a large sprawling area with costly materials, wood fences remain a wonderful option!

Ready for a New Wood Fence?

If you’re in the market for a new wood fence or in need of wood fence repair, our Frederick Fence team is here for you! Click on our chat feature, give us a call at 1-800-49-FENCE or stop by our headquarters and lumber yard at Tilco Drive and we’ll be more than happy to give you a free price quote and then take care of the entire installation process from start to finish! If you’re a DIY enthusiast and just need materials, we are always happy to assist you with your home fence project and give you all the details that go into building a wood fence that will last a long time!


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Frederick Fence: 2018 Fall Hours
2019 Winter Hours

October 31, 2018 ~ Posted By Jim Jenkins

pumpkins on a fenceFall brings about so many changes. The leaves all turn colors before they drift toward the ground, the temperatures drop and so everyone needs to bundle up and the hours spent in daylight just seem to decrease with every drive to and from work. And at Frederick Fence, we go from our summer schedule into our fall and winter hours.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or someone who wants to see samples of our fence building materials up close and personal, we welcome you to stop by our headquarters on Tilco Drive in Frederick, Maryland. However, please make note of our fall and winter seasonal hours so you know when to plan your visit!

Frederick Fence Fall 2018 Hours

From now until Friday, 30 November 2018, you can visit us during the following hours:

  • Monday through Friday: 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM
  • Saturdays: 8:00 AM until 12 NOON

Frederick Fence Holiday Season 2018/Winter Hours 2019

From December 1st through the end of 2018 and on into winter 2019, you can visit us during the following hours:

  • Monday through Friday: 7:00 AM until 4:00 PM
  • Saturdays: CLOSED

Need Help With a Fence Outside Our Office Hours?

If you’re a homeowner and looking to install a fence in winter or fall, congratulations! You picked a great time of year to get a fence as the time between contract and installation decreases now that the summer rush is over! If you need a fence, you can always contact us via our chat feature or call us at 1-800-49-FENCE and we’ll send out one of our fence consultants to your home and provide a free estimate. If there are specific materials you’d like to see up close, just let us know and we’ll bring samples to your home with us!

If you’re a fence contractor or a DIY fence enthusiast and need fence materials and need a bit more flexibility in picking up supplies, give our office a call during regular business hours and we’ll see what we can do to meet your schedule!

Thank You for Making Summer 2018 an Amazing One

We’d like to thank each and every one of our customers for making our 2018 summer season one of the best! It’s our pleasure to work with so many wonderful homeowners and collaborative business customers in the Frederick area.

We’ll be here as long as the weather holds out and the ground doesn’t freeze; we’re always a click or a phone call away!

Happy Fall Everyone!

fence decorations

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Chain Link Fence:
Maintenance Tips to Last its Lifetime

October 16, 2018 ~ Posted By Jim Jenkins

While most new home communities make use of vinyl or wood fencing as their main fence material, there are still a lot of neighborhoods that allow homeowners to select from a wide variety of materials to create a perimeter around their homes. Many still choose one of the most affordable fences on the market that can keep outsiders from entering the yard while keeping pets and children safe inside: chain link fence. If you happen to own a home surrounded by one of these fences or are looking to install a fence that will last many years without blowing out your home improvement budget, here are a few maintenance tips for taking care of a chain link fence:

Keep Your Chain Link Fence Vine Free

Keeping vines, flowers and shrubs off the fence affords you greater longevity for your chain link fence.

A lot of homeowners think that vines on a fence are a wonderful way to add natural beauty to their yard. While that may be true, we don’t recommend that you grow vines, flowers or any kind of decorative plant on a chain link fence. While they may look nice, plants can grow through the chain link, causing the fence to lift on the bottom, which can create slight warps among the panels. This combined with a heavy snow or rain season can result in the fence losing its structural integrity over time. What you have left is a fence with leaning sections or bowing panels, which can cause severe bowing. Plants can also burst through the links and cause them to break, leaving sharp openings which can harm bot h humans and pets if they’re not careful.

Clean Your Chain Link Fence A Couple of Times a Year

This many sounds like a time-intensive process, but a good hosing down of your chain link fence will help it last a long time. You don’t need to do much—if you own a power hose, a good spray once a year easily does the job for keeping the fence clean. If you have a regular hose, just set your nozzle on the highest setting and give it a good watering down. For any areas with a bit of a buildup, you can often just take a bucket of water and a sponge to get rid of mud, bird poop, clumps of leaves and other debris stuck to your fence. For truly tough areas, you may need to get out a scrub brush and some dish soap mixed in with your water to keep the fence sparkling clean.

Apply Rust Protection Every Spring

If you want that chain link fence to last more than two decades, applying rust protection each spring can help you reach your goal. The most problematic area of a chain link fence is the bottom portion and many homeowners never seem to look down until that fateful day when they realize that the fence is completely rusted out just above the ground, especially if you have flowers planted close to where the fence sits. Don’t let this happen to you! Set a calendar item in whatever app you use (or mark the free calendar you get from China Garden. Come on, we know you have them hanging in your kitchen or office!), and when May rolls around, head to your local box store to get enough Rust Oleum (one of our favorites) and apply it to your fence. One can of spray covers about 15 square feet and you can even purchase it with a color in mind if you want to give your fence more visual appeal.

The greater level of care you provide to your fence–such as applying rust protection and repairing sections as soon as you notice any damage–makes a world of difference as to how long your fence can lat.

Repair Your Chain Link Fence When You Notice an Issue

One of the main reasons why homeowners love chain link is that if you have a sprawling yard, it’s an affordable material that’s fairly free of intense maintenance. However, over time you may find that certain sections of your chain link fence may require some maintenance. If you have children or pets that pull on or jump on the fence often, you may see a need to strengthen the connection between a panel and a post. You may also find that after a heavy winter and wet spring that the hinges on your gate may get a little rusty. Additionally, after years of heavy use, your gate may start to sage or dig slightly into the ground.

As soon as you notice something about the fence that requires a bit of a repair, take care of it right away. If you don’t, all you’re doing is setting yourself up for either a major repair job over time or the need for a replacement fence sooner than planned.

Take the time to take care of your chain link fence and it will last a long time. You can tell a homeowner who makes the effort as their fence looks as good as new once spring time rolls around because they’ve both cleaned it and made some repairs to keep the entire fence looking as if it was recently installed. It’s not all that hard to do and the one weekend you spend in the spring means the difference between a fence that last six to seven years versus eighteen to twenty. Just ask any of our fence consultants!

Thinking About Chain Link Fence?

If you’re in the market for a new chain link fence, you now have several options available to you that are much better than what was available just a few decades ago. You can now get a fence with dark green or black panels and posts and you can also build a fence with a vinyl or powder-coating, options that will automatically prolong the lifespan of the fence you install. You can also purchase commercial grade galvanized steel, which is great for homeowners with larger animals (think large dogs or horses) as these fences are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of pressure.

If you’re weighing your options for a new chain link fence or have one that needs some maintenance, contact us at 1-800-49-FENCE, click on our chat button or go to our Contact page and we’ll visit your home (or business) and give you a complete estimate.

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Here Kitty, Kitty! Keeping Your Feline Safe with Cat Fence

September 24, 2018 ~ Posted By Jim Jenkins

Cats are highly curious and exploratory creatures. So a big dilemma for homeowners is how to keep them safe when they go outdoors. Photo by Stein Photography

When homeowners typically install a fence on their property to keep their four-legged loved ones safe, they do this with their dogs in mind. Dogs are easy to keep inside your yard so long as the fence is tall and the fence is high enough to contain them should they get a running start before attempting to jump over it. But what do you do if your furry loved one happens to be a cat?

Cats are notorious for their curiosity and exploring nature. An indoor cat will always find a spot inside the house to hide away, particularly if it’s a small opening at the top of the room that let’s them tunnel to another part of the house. They are also fearless creatures and often love to climb and jump from place to place, which is why most homeowners think that allowing a cat to roam free outdoors is a bad idea. No one wants their little purring pal to run off while chasing a bird or a squirrel, only to be caught off guard and fall prey to a moving car, an angry dog or worse, a stray cat looking for a fight.

If you are lucky enough to have a cat in your family and want to give them a chance to play outdoors without having to watch them every minute, then consider installing a cat fence!

Cat Fence: Keeps Kitty Safe in Your Yard

Yes, the idea that you can keep a cat contained within a backyard seems like crazy one, but you can do it with a special fence product that you can either install on its own or purchase a special kit that allows you to add the cat-specific barrier on top of an existing privacy fence.

You can get a cat fence kit that goes on top of your existing fence to keep your furry friends inside your yard.

How does it work?

Simple. Cat fence toppers Cats are naturally drawn to anything that appears sturdy to them, which is why they have no problems climbing up bookcases, ladders or some walls—including most wood fences. The mesh material is what prevents the cat from ever going over the fence as they cannot balance themselves or easily latch onto it for support.

The curved pipe of the fencing topper also prevents them from finding balance, meaning cats will avoid the enclosure since it doesn’t look sturdy for them to climb over. Likewise, cat fence toppers have no gaps to further tempt your cat to ever go through it and because the mesh gets mounted at the top of the fence, a cat has no place to balance itself to attempt to claw or chew through the netting.

A major benefit for cat fence is that in addition to keeping your cats safe inside your yard, it also keeps other cats and wild animals from climbing over the fence into your yard, which also helps keep your furry friend safe. Even if you own dogs, this fence is great for keeping unwanted visitors off your property who might annoy your canine and tease them when you’re not around. And since we live in an area prone to significant snow fall, you can also get “snow clips” which prevent damage to the mesh and brackets during heavy snows.

The mesh material combined with the three foot piping to keep it in place means your cat will not want to chew or paw it as a cat will stay away from anything that doesn’t appear to be “sturdy.”

Looking for the Purr-fect Way to Keep Your Cat Safe Outdoors?

Want to expand your cat’s habitat and give them a safe place to play outdoors that will prevent them from running away? Click on our chat button give us a call at 1-800-49-FENCE or visit our Contact page and we’ll send out one of our Residential Fence Consultants to share with you our solutions for designing a new cat fence or installing a cat fence kit on your existing one.





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Chain Link Fence:
Still One of the Best When it Comes to Protecting Your Business

September 18, 2018 ~ Posted By Jim Jenkins

Security remains one of the main reasons why businesses install fence around their property. Whether it’s to prevent thieves from running off with valuable inventory, stop burglars from gaining entrance into their offices or secure an environment meant for highly classified activities, a strong fence helps protect a business’ assets around the clock. According to the Frederick County crime report, in 2017 there was a decrease by 6.4% in crimes involving property from the year before. What accounts for this decrease? Some of this is due to the new technologies such as web-enabled security camera systems and motion activated lights. Another reason for this is that business owners are making greater use of security fence.

One of the most popular fences when it comes to security is chain linked fencing. Despite an incline in the residential market for chain link fence in newer residential neighborhoods, chain link fence remains a popular option for businesses looking to secure their outer perimeter and keep uninvited guests offsite. Here are a few reasons why commercial companies still make significant use of chain link fence:

chain link security fence

Chain link security fence: Still a cost-effective solution for keeping people off your property!



Chain Link Offers a Low-Cost Security Solution That Goes in Fast

Compared to other fence materials such as aluminum or wrought-iron, chain link fencing is highly cost effective compared to most other materials. When you compare other fence materials that provide strength and reliability, chain link comes in at a fraction of the cost of other materials.
If you have an extremely tight budget and need to cover a lot of ground, chain link gets the job done and keeps your project in the black. This explains why you’ll often see chain link installed around sports fields, playgrounds and industrial areas.

Chain link is also easy to install compared to other types of fence and so the time it takes to plan and build a fence is relatively quick. Businesses appreciate the quick turnaround, which speaks to why many companies use chain link as a temporary fence around a build site since the steel posts can be easily pulled out of the wire and the ground fencing itself can be rolled up and moved to a different location.

Chain Link Keeps Your Property Secure

When someone is scouting an area for places to rob, chain linked fencing acts as a deterrent as chain link is made from galvanized steel, one of the strongest metals in the fence industry. Additionally, you can increase the strength of your chain link fence through various mesh and gauge sizes—the smaller both are, the more difficult it is to climb or cut them. For additional security, you can often build a chain link fence higher in on a commercial property than in a residential area; sometimes you can build fences to be more than 12 feet high.

An add-on that also helps keep intruders off your property is barbed wire arms or strands. Installing them at the top of your fence helps keep people from trying to climb over the fence. Just make sure you check your local zoning laws regarding the use of chain link fencing and barbed wire.


A popular option for newer chain link fences makes use of a color coating to either blend in or stand out on the property.

Chain Link is Easy to Maintain and Repair

Chain link fence requires minimal effort to maintain as there’s virtually no upkeep involved. For businesses, that’s a great benefit as a company can simply install their fence and not worry about it. To keep the fence clean, all you need is some soap and water or a strong hose to keep the fence looking shiny and new over time. You can also choose to add protective coatings in various colors to the fence to give your fence greater curb appeal, especially if your business sits adjacent to a residential area.

Chain link fence makes for one of the easiest fences to repair—especially if the fence gets hit by accident or becomes damaged through an act of extreme vandalism. In many cases, the old section that’s damaged gets cut out and replaced and you often match the newer fence pieces with the older sections, so it looks seamless once installed. If your fence begins to chip due to extreme weather conditions, you can easily touch up the fence and either repaint or recoat it to increase the life of your fence.

Chain Link Fence Offers Long-Lasting Durability

Chain link fencing remains one the industry’s most durable fences out there when it comes to security thanks to some of the chain linked fence materials. If you want a fence to last the life of your business, you can choose from either vinyl or galvanized steel coated fences. These fences can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy snows and strong winds in addition to protecting your business from unwanted guests.

Need a Chain Link Solution

Looking for a chain link fence for your company? Click on our chat button give us a call at 1-800-49-FENCE or visit our Contact page and we’ll send out one of our Commercial Fence Consultants to price out a chain link solution to help secure your property. We’ll even discuss some of our additional security features as well as other fence solutions given your business and security needs!

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