The Role of a HOA in Residential Fencing

January 12, 2016 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Many neighborhoods have a local HOA which regulates certain additions, demolitions, and renovations made to homes within their designated areas. The central focus of many satirical TV episodes and notorious for being strict, you may be worried about installing residential fencing with a HOA.


Check with your HOA regulations before installing residential fencing.

In most cases, a HOA regulation on fencing is fair and beneficial. Although this may not be true with all HOA chapters, you are likely okay to install most home fencing. However, be aware of the following information regarding HOA and residential fencing.

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Important Winter Fence Maintenance Steps to Do Now

December 17, 2015 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Winter officially begins in just a few days on December 21st. Frederick has its share of snow and freezing temperatures, which can cause havoc for many home owners with winter fence installation. Outdoor faucets need drained, pipes need to be monitored for freezing, and of course, the fence should be prepared for a wet, bitter season.fence-maintenance-frederick

Luckily, winter fence installation and maintenance is quick, easy, and can save you money and time. Follow the steps below to make sure your fence makes it to the next season in one piece.

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Top Tips for Wooden Fence Maintenance

December 11, 2015 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Wooden fences are highly valued for their curb appeal and natural durability. However, like any fence, they do require maintenance to remain in good shape. Wooden fence maintenance is important due to the susceptibility of mold, rot, and splintering. Not sure what steps to take to ensure proper maintenance?wooden-fence-maintenance-frederick

Below, we’ll give you the top tips for wooden fence maintenance, so you can keep your fence looking new. A well-maintained fence is a fence that lasts.

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