The Frederick Fence Story
Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

March 20, 2017 ~ Posted By Jim Jenkins

When you look at the reasons why most entrepreneurs start their own business—personal freedom, professional pride and a drive to succeed— you’ll find that Charlie Powers’ motivations for starting Frederick Fence in 1982 appear no different. Having worked for three fence companies, including Western Fence, where he held 25% ownership, Charlie was driven to succeed. “Why did I do this? I wanted to make a living and care for my family. I never thought about the money; I was discontent working for others and wanted to do things differently. I felt I could do better.”

Thirty-five years later, Charlie’s tenaciousness, natural sales ability and commitment to always do the right thing, have allowed him to build one of Frederick’s most successful small businesses. With a large lumber yard and showroom located on Tilco Drive, Charlie Powers managed to exceed his expectations and dreams of supporting his family. However, the company’s current geography was barely in sight when Charlie first started Frederick Fence.

Starting from Scratch

On day one of the company, all Charlie had was a strong back, a truck and his friend, Jon “JC” Wisner, to help with labor. Charlie’s father, Billy, gave his son a loan of $5,000 to get started, which Charlie paid back in less than one year’s time. Charlie’s wife, Diane-who was working at the Maryland School for the Deaf when the company started—also pitched in by acting as “administrative support” and answering phones. With no warehouse to store materials or equipment—such as a forklift or drill—Charlie and JC purchased materials as needed. Thanks to one of his former employers—Western Fence—who extended him credit for vehicles and equipment, Charlie slowly built up enough business and revenue to purchase his first bit of property off Route 355, just south of downtown Frederick.

The original loan documents that started Frederick Fence

The original loan documents that started Frederick Fence

For $50,000, in the form of a five-year note, Charlie purchased a half-acre piece of property off Grove Road in 1985. At the time, the road on which the property sat had no name so Charlie named it Grove Lane. Because he lacked the funds to build a permanent office initially, Charlie set up shop on Grove Lane in a small camping trailer that had no bathroom. For Diane, this meant she had to walk to McDonalds when nature called!

When Charlie set up shop, Frederick looked extremely different. Back then, the county’s population hovered below 129,000 and I-85 was still a two-lane road. You could still see a lot of corn fields alongside most roads before hitting the downtown area. Popular restaurants then were the Red Horse, Barbara Fritchie’s (with its infamous candy cane sign) and the Chat and Chew on Patrick Street. Frederick County still had Blue Laws in effect and the major downtown revitalization was just beginning. Because there was no internet, you had to rely on the yellow pages and ads in newspapers to get customers. When you look at what made Frederick Fence a success, you can narrow it down to one key word: salesmanship.

The Secret’s in the (Sales) Sauce

If Charlie Powers gave you a sales pitch for purchasing a fence, you pretty much bought it. His approach to sales was simple: Be direct, offer a good price and deliver a quality product. For Charlie, customers were like family; his desire was to treat them fairly and build the best fence possible. In the early days, there were several occasions where upon finishing the last fence panel, Charlie would review his work and yank the fence out of the ground and start over because he didn’t like how he’d done the job. He never wanted a customer to ever feel dissatisfied with their purchase. Charlie was also highly persistent.

Recognizing that partnering with home builders would prove critical to his success, Charlie would repeatedly stop by the offices of Ryland Homes to meet with Bob Pearson, who was a buyer for the company in the 1980’s. Charlie would stop by unannounced and wait for Pearson until finally he met with Charlie just to “get him out of the office once and for all.” Once they met, Charlie began forging a relationship with Ryland Homes to where many a Ryland homeowner in the Frederick area now has a fence with that infamous yellow and red sign hanging on a back panel.

Signs, in fact, were what helped Charlie experience much of his early success. Instead of spending money on large ads, Charlie hung signs on his completed projects, which still serve as one of his best marketing tools. “A well-built fence sells itself,” says Powers. “When you put your name and company number on a fence, people will call because they know you can deliver.” Before there were toll-free numbers available and calls to certain parts of Maryland were considered long distance calls, Charlie was granted the use of Western Fence’s phone number—the same one still on the signs today: 301 663-4000—for use in the Frederick area. Having access to this already published number afforded Charlie the opportunity to increase his sales at a consistent pace. When he originally designed the signs and his logo, he purposely chose the Maryland colors of yellow, red and black as a symbol for creating community with each fence built.

Prior to setting up shop on Grove Lane, Charlie had four trucks and a handful of employees. Once he put his first trailer on the property, he increased his sales and installation staff to 15 and purchased a second trailer before finally building a small office in 1986. Charlie then rented a second piece of property across the street from Grove Lane so he could store inventory for fence materials and additional trucks.

If you ask Charlie if he expected this to happen, he’ll readily admit that this 35-year trajectory comes as a bit of a surprise to him. “Honestly, I thought I would still be digging holes,” Charlie says. The thought that he would go from a man with a strong back, a truck and one loyal friend (who is now Frederick Fence’s Operations Manager) to a business that operates with sustained success still humbles him.

In fact, once Charlie built his actual office building (with-finally-a working bathroom), things began to shift and the life of Frederick Fence took a surprising turn…

To be continued….  


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The Frederick Fence Story: A Tale Worth Telling

March 1, 2017 ~ Posted By Jim Jenkins

This year, Frederick Fence celebrates its 35th year as a small business, which is no small achievement for most businesses operating in the virtual/digital age. Founded in 1982 by Charlie Powers, the company grew from a start-up with a truck and a man with a plan to being one of the region’s most respected vendors in the fencing/home improvement industry.

Frederick Fence’s customers are loyal ones—a significant amount of the fences they sell today are to either customers who purchased a fence for one home that have moved to a new one or they’re the friends, family and neighbors of these customers. Likewise, commercial vendors and country governments often make repeat use of the company’s fence solutions.

When you look at the employees who work at Frederick Fence now, you’ll find that some of them have been on board almost all their adult careers, a rare achievement in today’s business world.

How did this happen?

What makes Frederick Fence such a special company among its customers, vendor partners, and staff? Why do people stay here for years and years? Why do customers keep coming back time and again for a fence? How has this one fencing company weathered so many storms? Whether it was the dot-com bubble burst, the crowded expansion of the home improvement and fencing industry, the collapse of the real estate market or the global financial crisis, or the advent of the digital age, Frederick Fence continues to survive and now thrive as its founder begins the next chapter in his life.

We think there’s a story worth telling.

For the next several months, we plan to devote some of our blog entries to telling the Frederick Fence story. From our humble beginnings in 1982 to our large showroom and supply yard—still headquartered in Frederick, Maryland from the day we opened for business. We’ll share how we got to where we are today and where we think we’re headed with the next generation of Frederick Fence leadership.

You’ll hear a lot from Charlie Powers, our founder, as well as from some of Charlie’s personal mentors, our devoted staff, some of our business partners and our most loyal customers.

And we’d like your help!

If you’ve been a past customer of Frederick Fence and have a special anecdote or experience you’d like to share with us as part or story, please reach out to Jim Jenkins, our official historian and blogger. You can reach him by leaving a message for him using our online chat feature or leave a message for him through our contact page. The deadline for an upcoming piece on Frederick Fence from our Customer’s Point of View is April 15, 2017.

Look for Chapter One: Humble Beginnings to appear online soon!

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Debunking the Myth…You CAN Install a Fence in Winter!

February 10, 2017 ~ Posted By Jim Jenkins

Even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow—meaning we’re all in for six more weeks of winter—now’s one of the best times of year to install a fence!

What? Seriously? You’re thinking “But it’s winter! Isn’t it too cold to install a fence?”

Just because we’re roughly six weeks away from the official start of Spring (March 20, 2017 to be exact), doesn’t mean you have to wait until the weather gets warm to put a fence around your property. Yes, the outdoor home improvement industry does slow down during colder months, but that’s typically because most homeowners hibernate indoors during winter. Unless the ground is truly frozen solid several inches below the surface, installing fences in winter is still possible. That’s right, even if we get a few inches of snow—as long as it’s not frozen solid and caked with ice, you can still install fences in winter.

Advantages to Buying a Fence NOW!

Here we are in early February and look at the weather conditions for the DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Southern Pennsylvania areas. We’ve had a few days where the unseasonal highs were in the 70-degree range and the lows have barely dipped below the low 30’s. True, we may still see a bit of snow and who knows how low the temperatures will go, but the environmental conditions outside lend themselves nicely for digging three-foot post holes that serve as the guide for fencing installation.

Buying in February and March also means that your fence project ends just as many your neighbors begin shopping for fence. That means longer waits to get permits approved, longer delivery times for getting the fence installed and the less time you have to truly enjoy your outdoor creation once the warm temperatures settle in and you start wishing it would snow or turn cold again.

If your idea of the perfect fence for your home is a custom design—one that includes ornate lattice work, a vibrant vinyl color or a unique logo welded to your driveway gate—now’s the best time to get started on your fence project. Custom work always takes longer because manufacturers keep a low inventory on special materials. If you want an iron gate that has trees, geometric patterns or your family name welded in a decorative font, these orders take time. During the summer months, people are surprised when they hear highly ornate fence materials can take as long as six to eight weeks to produce. That’s because there’s a high demand for custom work in summer and there are—realistically—only so many local vendors who specialize in custom fabrication of fence materials.

If you know you want something new and different that creates maximum curb appeal and sets you apart from your neighbors, get that fence project started now while there’s a lull!

Waiting until mid-June to get started on a fence project means more waiting to get what you want. Calling this time of year means your fence project can go in the ground even faster than getting your tax refund (You do know that April 15th is not that far away either!)!

Even if You’re Just Thinking About it….

If you’ve planned ahead for your home improvement needs and a fence is on your list, give us a call now or click on our online chat feature and see how easy it is to get your fence project underway. We think you’ll be surprised at how short the timeline will be.

You can also use our free online estimate tool, which gives you a realistic idea of how much your fence will cost! And, of course, any of our fence experts are more than willing to come to your home and walk you through a variety of options should you want some advice on the best fence to meet both your needs and your budget.

And Just in Case the Big Chill Happens…

If the weather does dip and things turn bitter cold and we’ve only just begun work on your fence, don’t worry! As soon as the ground thaws, we’re right back out there to get your job done in time for spring!

Still have questions about winter fence installation? Call us at 1-800-49FENCE!


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Bufftech Fence: Another Vinyl Solution for our Frederick Fence Family

January 12, 2017 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

When it comes to fence materials, Frederick Fence prides itself on offering only the highest quality products on the market.  Several years ago, we invested in the equipment to fabricate our own vinyl fence panels.  However, with the increasing demand for vinyl fence, we realized we needed a secondary resource so that our homeowners continue to benefit from the best possible fence materials in the timeframe we need them.  Therefore, we’re pleased to announce our partnership with CertainTeed and their Bufftech fence—one of the nation’s leading producers of vinyl fence panels.

A Bit About CertainTeed®

CertainTeed, one of the nation’s leading developers of innovative and sustainable building products, has been in the home products industry for more than 110 years. Founded in 1904 as General Roofing Manufacturing Company, CertainTeed® offers exceptional exterior and interior building products, including roofing, siding, fence, decking, railing, trim, insulation, gypsum and ceilings. A subsidiary of Saint-Gobain and headquartered in nearby King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, CertainTeed and its affiliates have more than 5,700 employees and more than 60 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition to making high quality fence products, CertainTeed has an extremely amazing community mission.  Two of their main causes are: Homes for Our Troops – an organization that builds mortgage-free homes for severely injured veterans post- 9/11, and YouthBuild USA – a program that encourages low-income youth to unleash their positive energy and intelligence to rebuild their communities and their lives.

Because CertainTeed shares our values, we are excited to include their Bufftech vinyl product line as an option for our homeowners.

The Bufftech Advantage®

Bufftech offers innovative style and exceptional performance when it comes to vinyl fence panels, offering a wide range of styles and colors.  Built with high-quality raw materials, reinforced rails, heavyweight pickets, routed rails and fence posts, and concealed fasteners, we know you’ll love their Bufftech vinyl as it will outlast and outperform all other makers of vinyl fence.

Bufftech is one of the strongest and most durable of fences made in the United States.  Backed by CertainTeed’s WindZone™ Performance, Bufftech products can withstand high wind and hurricane conditions such as winds up to 115 mph.  Bufftech also meets requirements and local code qualifications for pool fences, meaning your small children and pets will remain safe beyond the pool area with one of their fences.

Bufftech Colors and Textures

We love fence materials that look natural as there’s nothing more elegant and pleasing than the look of a rustic fence to border your property.  Bufftech offers a wide array of colors and textures, ranging from natural wood or stucco walls, that are maintenance-free and never need staining or painting.  Their ColorLast® fade protection program means that your Bufftech vinyl fence includes superior protection from the sun’s harsh rays and won’t fade.

Some of the colors Bufftech vinyl comes in include:

  • White
  • Almond
  • Natural Clay
  • Arctic Blend
  • Brazilian Blend
  • Honey Blend

Some of their panel styles include:

  • Galveston, which includes a steel-reinforced midrail on each panel
  • Chesterton, which is a solid flat panel with a steel-reinforced bottom rail
  • Lexington, which features a tongue and groove picket design

With these panel styles, you also receive a wide-range of options such as lattice work, curved tops, custom post caps, swoops, Victorian accents and many more, meaning you have the opportunity to design a custom vinyl fence that matches your home’s personality!

Are you ready to purchase the fence of a lifetime?

When you purchase a vinyl fence, you’re getting the one fence that truly lasts a lifetime on your property.  Give us a call at 1-800-49-FENCE or use our online chat tool and we’ll send out one of our fence consultants who can show you the wonderful options available to you should you wish to build a vinyl fence on your property.  If you are curious about CertainTeed’s Bufftech materials, be sure to mention that when you call or fill out our online tool as we have an extensive set of materials to showcase this amazing fence product!

Want to build your own fence using the Bufftech line?  Stop by our showroom and warehouse at 1505 Tilco Drive in Frederick and we’ll get you everything you need for your DIY project!

Making a List and Checking It Twice…Remember To Ask Santa About a Fence!

December 7, 2016 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum


Before making your annual visit to your local shopping mall so you and your children can meet up with Santa Claus, one thing you may want to add to your holiday wish list is a new fence for Christmas.  We know that if you’ve been good all year that Santa would surely love to bring you a fence that will magically appear—along with a nice blanket of winter snow—to make your holiday the best and the brightest.  Given some of the amazing gifts he loads on his sleigh, a fence makes perfect sense for Christmas morning!

If you’ve asked the man in red to bring your family a new puppy or a horse, you’re going to need something to keep your new four-legged friend safe inside your property!  Santa also knows that there’s a good chance that we may have a warm spell in late December, which means if your children get a new trampoline, a bike or a swing set under your tree— and your property lacks a structure to keep them safe inside your yard—a new fence means everyone can enjoy their new outdoor toys before those brisk chilly temperatures really take hold of our area.

In reality, we have it on good authority that Santa’s sleigh cannot carry all those fences when he leaves the North Pole on the night of December 24th.  However, if you’ve recently purchased a home or if you do plan to add to your family with a few four-legged friends who will bring so much joy to your lives, December remains one of the best times of year for purchasing a new fence.

Why Buy a Fence in December?

Waiting until late spring or early summer means that everyone in your neighborhood will be clamoring for getting a new fence placed on their property.  This means that you may have to wait when the demand for fence projects reaches its seasonal high.  Even though our crews are highly efficient and install the highest quality fence possible, homeowners may need to wait up to four to five weeks depending upon when they place their order.  In fact, if a fence company tells you they can install a fence you order on the last of June by the end of the first week of July, consider why they have such a minimal wait time!

Buying a fence this time of year means we can go from the permit process to installation within a few days as opposed to several weeks, meaning that if you contact us in early December, chances are you’ll have your fence in time for Christmas morning!

Remember Your New Pets on Christmas

Planning to add a new four-legged family member on Christmas?  Getting a fence now means you can safely let your new little friend outside to take care of business without worry.  Any type of privacy fence –such as wood or vinyl panels—will do the job of keeping your pets safe outside.  They’ll also keep strangers from entering your yard and doing them harm.  Should you want a more open perimeter and wish to install an aluminum fence, we recommend panels with puppy pickets.

Puppy picket fence is a special type of aluminum fencing for dogs with a narrow row of pickets at the bottom of the fence. This prevents puppies or smaller dogs from escaping through the bars, getting their head stuck, or digging holes to get to the other side.

Before the Weather Outside Gets Frightful…

Most Decembers bring minimal snow fall and milder temperatures to the Maryland, DC, Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania area.  Unless Mother Nature gives us a month of soaking rain, we can send crews out most every day for fence installation.  Depending upon the size of your fence area, we can complete smaller projects—like townhomes—within two days.  Larger fence projects may take longer, but there’s still plenty of time for completing a project before those truly messy winter conditions settle in and keep us all safe inside our homes!

Ready To Fence in Your Holidays?

Want a new fence in time for the holidays or before winter arrives with its freezing temperatures and lots of snow?  Either give us a call any weekday before 5 PM or use our online chat feature, and we’ll schedule one of our special festive fence consultants out to give you a custom fencing project estimate! You can also get a free online estimate by clicking here!

Should you need a reason to avoid the mall, feel free to stop by our showroom on Tilco Drive in Frederick any weekday before 5 PM to take a look at our great samples.  You can even purchase fence materials if you’re inclined to build your own fence!

We thank you for stopping by our blog site—be sure to check out our other entries on fence materials and benefits of fencing if you’re still “on the fence” about what you want. May you, your family, pets and friends all have the best holiday season ever! See you in 2017!

Being Thankful by Charlie Powers

November 22, 2016 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Thanksgiving remains one of my favorite holidays of the year; I look forward to it almost as much as I do for that first glimpse of spring, when things begin to bloom and I know that Frederick Fence will be gearing up for our peak installation season.

One reason why I enjoy this time of year so much is because I so value taking time out of my life to reflect on where I’ve been, how Frederick Fence has changed, and how much it means to me to know that what started nearly 35 years ago, in a small trailer, has evolved into a dream come true—a flourishing small business!

Thankful for You

I cannot say how thankful I am that so many homeowners chose Frederick Fence as their partner of choice in building a border for their homes and establishments.  It means a lot that you selected our company to enhance your dream of home ownership and allowed us to place a fence around your home.  Whether it was for security, privacy or establishing a boundary for your property, nothing humbles me more than seeing that little red and yellow sign that tells me you’ve made Frederick Fence a part of your lives.

The same goes for the many commercial businesses, local and state governments, non-profit organization and housing developments that we’ve served over the years.  What I appreciate most about our business customers is that many of them started off as residential owners who appreciated our handiwork and called us when it was time to support their business ventures.  Another thing I am thankful for is that a lot of our commercial accounts came to us by sheer word of mouth—and that means more to me than any money you could ever spend on an advertising campaign.

If you’ve ever visited our About page, you’ll know that our core values are Family, Integrity and Loyalty.  I believe it’s those values that have allowed us to thrive for these past 35 years.  And I’m thankful that for most of our history, we’ve achieved our success through our quality craftsmanship, excellent word of mouth and our amazing team.

Thankful for My Crew

Truly, I would not be writing this today if it were not for my amazing crew—the folks who go out and install the fences.  Year after year, we’ve had some highly consistent folks who have shown up each day to go out and build some truly great fences.  What impresses me most is that they dedicate themselves to each project with the same rigor and care when it comes to construction.  Even if it’s a repair job, I know our crew does a great job.  This, for the most part, is due to my installation manager Eric Saum and operations manager Jon Wisner.  I cannot say how thankful I am that we’ve all been friends for most of my life.

Thankful for My Sales and Office Staff

I can take credit for starting Frederick Fence, but the fantastic folks who make up our sales and office staff remain my true heroes—they’ve helped bring in a lot of business and have weathered through many a lean season as the economy shifted over the years.  Not many companies can boast the kind of tenure we’ve had among our sales team.  Many of you ought to be familiar with two of our finest sales professionals—Louise Barnard and Doug Martin—as they’ve been here for most of our existence.  The same holds true with Kathy Crum—our office manager.  In many ways, Kathy has been one of my closest confidants.  I always trust and value her opinion and she keeps me honest on my worst days!

This year, I’m truly thankful for our current sales manager, Neil Forthman.  We hired Neil for his depth of knowledge in both fence and salesmanship.  He’s truly an asset to our organization and helped lead his team to produce one of our highest grossing seasons.  He’s extremely customer-focused and highly patient—he’s helped some of our newest folks learn the fence industry rapidly while also being there to address our customers’ questions and concerns.  Thanks, Neil!

Thankful for Family

Finally, I am thankful for my family.  I’ve got a truly wonderful wife and three children—all with some great spouses who have given me some amazing grandchildren.  I am thankful for their health and well-being, but what gives me the greatest joy is knowing that each of my children have chosen to be part of the next generation of Frederick Fence leadership.  My daughters—Erin and Kelly—and my son—Todd—make me proud every day.  They were given complete freedom to choose their vocation in life and all three made the decision to remain with Frederick Fence.

As I look forward to more time with my grandchildren and wife, I know that Frederick Fence will continue to succeed.  I am most proud that all my children have embraced my work ethic and I marvel at how they remain equally devoted to taking great care of our staff and crew as they do our many clients.

I don’t know that I’ll ever fully retire, but I am thankful that I can trust my family and our amazing employees to always do their very best to make Frederick Fence a great place to work and the right choice for our customers.

Once again, thank you, friends, for joining us here online and for letting us take good care of you over the years.  May you and your family and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and may you have a joyful holiday season!


“The folks I am most thankful for: my children and their families!”







Fall Into a New Fence – The Benefits of an Autumn Fence Project

October 25, 2016 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Even though summer’s now a distant memory, the pool is covered and the temperatures are colder, fall is one of the best times of year to install a new fence!  In fact, our motto at Frederick Fence is “if you can still see the ground, you can put a fence down!”

Why is fall a great time to install a new fence?

For one thing, a majority of home owners typically get a new fence when the weather’s warm, meaning longer waits for getting your permits secured and your fence installed.  The busiest season for ordering a fence runs from May through July—when EVERYONE in the neighborhood wants to put a fence on their property.  Most installations go in quickly, but when we get hit with summer storms and several days of wet weather, the installations can take longer, meaning more delays.  During the busy season, one hint that you might be dealing with a less than reputable fence company is when they tell you your fence can go in within a week—that tells you no one is making use of their services.  In summer, with a high demand for fence, you can expect at least a three to six-week lead time for installation.  However, in fall, things can take just a couple of weeks, including the permit process!  That means you still have time to enjoy your fenced-in yard and can let your children and pets play outside in safety.

Second, depending upon inventory and demand, you’re apt to find some discounts on materials or labor.  There’s no guarantee for this, but typically at the end of the busy season, your fence materials may cost slightly less or you may a reduced rate on labor, depending on customer demand.

Third, buying a fence in the fall means you’ll be ready for spring and won’t have to deal with the rush to get a fence installed when the weather warms up again.  As soon as the weather turns warmer, the phones tend to ring off the hook for fence vendors and then the race is on to see who can get their fence installed first.  If you happen to own dogs, having a fenced in backyard during the colder months is a true blessing as you can simply let your four-legged friends outside without having to walk them when the weather turns bitter cold.

A tip for home owners taking possession of a new home in fall

If you’re buying a brand new home this fall, you can roll your fence installation in with your mortgage, meaning you don’t have to shell out additional money for your fence once you buy your home!  Talk to your lender or give us a call at Frederick Fence and we’ll show you how you can easily add your fence to complete alongside your brand new home so you can immediately enjoy the security of knowing your children and pets will remain safe and sound inside your brand new yard when you move to your new home!

Ready to buy a fence this fall?

Ready to buy a new fence for your business or property?  Want to see what Frederick Fencer can do for you while the weather remains in our favor? Give us a call at 1-800-49-FENCE or use our online chat tool and we’ll send out one of our fence consultants who will make sure you get the best fence for the best value before the ground freezes up this winter!

Ready to build your own fence and want to purchase materials?  Simply stop by our showroom at 1505 Tilco Drive in Frederick and we’ll get you everything you need for your DIY project!  We’re open 7 AM until 5 PM, Monday through Friday!

Get your fence now and you’ll have one less project to worry about in 2017!


When To Replace Your Fence

October 13, 2016 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Fences are truly a thing of beauty.  They provide sturdy borders on your property that can enhance your property’s visual appeal while keeping your family and four-legged friends safe from harm.  Some, like vinyl or aluminum, are meant to last a lifetime.  Others, such as wood, last for many years, but will eventually show signs of aging.  When either nature or some man-made accident causes a lot of structural damage to your fence, it’s time to consider replacing it. After many a tough winter and unusually wet spring and summers, you may start to see boards warp or bow.  If this is happening on a majority of your fence panels, then maybe it’s time you consider replacing a fence.

Replacing Wood Fence

Wood fences are natural works of art that offer a natural boundary on your property.  Because wood is a natural material, it can suffer more damage than most other fence materials.  We live in an area that now seems to attract harsh, cold winters and brow-beating hot summers—seasonal weather wears down even the most durable of pressure-treated wood after more than a decade of extreme conditions.  Combine that with bugs, moisture, animals and man-made factors, and your wood fence will show signs of decay.

Many HOAs include guidance in their covenants that require home owners to maintain a healthy, visually appealing fence—especially the portions of the fence that a majority of the community sees.  If you have a lot of damaged fence panels with warped or bowing boards, you may find yourself paying penalty fees for non-compliance as a horribly aged fence becomes an eye-sore and detracts from the neighborhood’s appeal.

Decay is a natural process for wood fence, which comes on more rapidly when you use an inferior piece of wood.  When you have severe wood decay happening, it’s more cost effective to replace a fence rather than repair it as eventually the entire fence’s integrity may become compromised, putting you and your family at risk.  Over the years, decay is almost inevitable if you have a wood fence, especially one of poor quality. Decay weakens a fence, which compromises both its integrity and safety.  A high quality fresh wood fence can far outlast one of poorer quality.

If your fence suffers from a preponderance of wood rot, which causes an unpleasant odor, mold, and unwanted stains, then it may be easier to replace the fence as opposed to repairing large segments of it.

Replacing Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is one of the best fences you can buy as its maintenance free and typically only needs a soaking from the hose to stay clean and immaculate looking.  However, sometimes damage can occur due to heavy snows in winter or if a vehicle hits the fence.  In most cases, you can typically replace the impacted panels or pickets.  However, if your fence has incurred extensive damage through man-made or natural disasters, it may be easier to place the fence depending upon the damage’s extent.

Replacing Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are highly durable and maintenance free; however, just like vinyl, may experience damage due to extreme weather conditions or impact with a vehicle or large piece of equipment.  If you have repair fencing, you can often replace either a section or an individual rail. However, in cases of extreme damage, you may need to replace the entire fence.

Cost Considerations for Replacing Fence

The bottom line on when to replace wooden fences often focuses on the cost of repairs versus replacement.  When the quote for repairing your fence is close to or exceeds the price of replacing your fence, it may be time to consider fence replacement.  Depending upon the age of the fence and how long you plan to own your property, sometimes it’s better to replace the fence with a longer-lasting, more durable material.  A pattern we’ve seen at Frederick Fence is people converting from wood fence to vinyl in most neighborhoods as HOAS realize that vinyl fence lasts a lifetime and preserves the cohesive beauty of the entire neighborhood.  Check with your HOA to see what materials you can use to build a fence on your property line!

If you’re simply ready for a change and want a new fence that’s structurally sound, maintenance free or structurally dense to create more privacy, then replacing a fence is also a sound idea!

Ready for a Fence?

For more information on residential fencing in Frederick, MD, contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-49-FENCE. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about fence replacement cost and commercial or residential fencing solutions.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ for regular information on fencing such as tips, dos and don’ts, facts, and more!

Introducing Tracy Cox, Our New Commercial Sales Executive

September 29, 2016 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

Stop by our showroom or call and inquire about our commercial fence solutions, and you’re more than likely to make friends with Tracy Cox, our showroom sales executive.

Tracy brings her business savvy and amazing customer service skills to our company, having quickly mastered sales in the fence industry in just a short period of time.  A Maryland native from just down the road in Urbana, Tracy brings a wealth of sales experience and superior customer care to our team, having worked in several industries, including wine sales, equine management, and solar energy.

Tracy enjoys being part of the Frederick Fence Family because of the family-friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to apply her extensive sales background to help some of the small, independent fence vendors that visit our showroom experience greater sales success.  When she’s not working with customers in our showroom, Tracy devotes much of her time to the two four-legged loves in her life:  her 120 lb. Malamute, Great Dane Dog and her horse.  She also enjoys trail riding and speed events.

Tracy’s Favorite Fence

Tracy’s favorite fence solution is aluminum because she thinks aluminum is a clean, ornamental and functional fence material with a long life span.

The Frederick Fence Difference

For Tracy, what sets Frederick Fence apart from its competition is out Vinyl Fabrication process that allows the company to do custom fence jobs.  She also appreciates the Buying power Frederick Fence brings to the local scene and the ability to purchase and house enough wholesale stock so we offer our products at a much more reasonable price.  Tracy believes that Frederick Fence is all about selling a superior product for value-added product prices.

Learn more about the Frederick Fence difference!

Privacy or Split Rail

September 16, 2016 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum

fence decorations

What type of fence is best for you?

You’re looking for a new fence for your home but can’t decide on whether your home requires privacy or whether to opt for a more aesthetic approach. Sounds like you’re on the fence about it (pause for dramatic effect). Read more…

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